What’s Happening In The NFTs World This Week?


DAO Maker, best known for its efforts in the DeFi arena, NFTs is venturing into new terrain this week with the debut of its NFT market.

DAO Maker, the newest cryptocurrency to enter the NFT market, joins Polygon, Terra, Cardano, and Avalanche in making a strong push into the NFT arena.

In What Form Did It First Appear?

Diego Maradona helped with this project. More on this topic will be covered in the Sports Slice’s Bitcoinist edition in the coming days.

Despite the installation of NFTs, the company continues to have issues.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz despises a rising internal unionization movement. Since nearly half of all states now have a Starbucks shop that has registered for a union election, momentum is not on Schultz’s side.

The corporation sacked a long-time union leader the same week Schultz and Starbucks’ top management revealed their plan to enter the NFT market “sometime this year,”

Many saw the NFT statement as a ruse to divert attention away from the company’s troubles with unionization.

Solana support for NFTs is now available in OpenSea.

Opensea’s Solana Update

Last week’s Nutshell first revealed OpenSea’s latest Solana update, which would be released in April. This week, Solana support went live on the industry’s largest NFT marketplace, showcasing how swiftly things move in this space.

OpenSea presently supports 165 collections, with more being uploaded on a daily basis.

“Royal” NFT in the United Kingdom.

The Royal Mint, a government-owned mint noted for its distinctive coin designs, is collaborating with the UK government on NFTs, showing that the UK government is open to NFTs. What can we anticipate from it?

Despite the fact that no mockups or leaks have occurred, the UK’s “forward-thinking approach” has been referred to as an “emblem.”

What Does That Forward-Thinking Plan Look Like In Terms Of Crypto, NFTs, And Everything Else?

So far, we know that the UK government is trying for a pro-crypto stance while maintaining a regulatory framework.

According to the Treasury’s Economic Secretary, John Glen, “protect consumers by legislating to bring certain crypto-assets into the scope of financial promotions regulation.”

Despite this, the UK government is making an effort, laying out a number of steps they hope will increase the efficiency and success of bitcoin in the country.

The Bank of England will oversee a payments network that will serve as an “infrastructure for financial market testing” as well as a “Cryptoasset Engagement Group.” as part of this.

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