Where To Watch Friends Online In 2021?


Friends aired via NBC from 1994 to 2004. At the time it was already one of the most popular series in television history but its arrival in streaming has catapulted it to another level. Especially thanks to Netflix, Friends has conquered a whole new generation that loops, over and over again, the romantic and humorous adventures of Joey, Phoebe, Rachel, Monica, Chandler and Ross.

It is the most-watched series every year and its reruns continue to give millions in benefits to its protagonists, who today earn more thanks to them than what they charged at the time per episode. But the New Year came with bad news for fans of the series in Spain. During 2020 Friends was available nothing more and nothing less than in the three large streaming services, Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO. However, as it had been announced for almost a year, since HBO Max bought the rights exclusively for 5 years, it has not taken long to disappear from the first two services.

Friends are no longer on Netflix or on Amazon Prime but are still available on HBO Spain. Remember that this streaming service has been named in the United States as HBO Max, a change that promises to arrive in Spain in spring but whose landing is still full of unknowns. HBO Max has created exclusive content with its acquisition, including the expected reunion of the protagonists in the form of a special. Thanks to this change, from HBO to HBO Max, it may be done directly in Spain.

Many rights have little to do in our country with the United States, hence the presence of Friends on Netflix and Prime Video has lasted in our country almost a year longer than in the United States. But streaming companies aren’t the only ones broadcasting the series. To the complete fiction on HBO, we have to add Comedy Central and Neox, which continue to broadcast chapters regularly and without an announced ending.

Friends fever can and must continue.

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