Who is Cole Sprouse dating after his breakup with Lili Reinhart

Who is Cole Sprouse dating after his breakup with Lili Reinhart
Who is Cole Sprouse dating after his breakup with Lili Reinhart

Hello reader. We really admire the fact that you are always up to get all the latest entertaining updates regarding all that is happening around you and this makes us even happier in delivering them at your doorstep.

Now getting back to the latest news we have bought for you, which is about Cole Sprouse’s Breakup with Lili Reinhart and weather he is dating someone right now or those are just rumours? So, brace yourself and come with us to check out the matter.

All about Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart’s breakup

Last year, we saw the couple totally being in love and enjoying each other’s company. The couple was never seen hiding or denying their relationship and that made them look even more cute together.

But how can we forget that 2020 has been the one and only record-breaking year in the history of mankind, that has delivered uncountable bad news and has left the world worried and devastated at the same time. The admirers of Cole and Reinhart’s relationship have to go through on more heart-breaking news of the couple breaking up.

Although the couple broke up in late 2019 but the official declaration come out in 2020. It looks like their fans are still not over them. The news of their separation keeps on coming and creates hype amongst the audience that Lilli decided to confirm this news on her own for the sake of the couple’s admirers.

She declared that she and Cole are no longer together and further said that the reason it took her so long to disclose the news is because she was in so much of pain and is heartbroken because of her fallen relationship that she took some time off to collect herself back before making the needful announcement.

Cole also shared this sad news with his fans through his Instagram handle. Here is the link for the same. Click on it and read out what Cole has to say.

Is Cole dating someone new?

Just a few months back, in 2020, the actor Cole was seen with some unknown girl, probably not a celebrity. Since then there are various rumours taking rounds that she is the love in Cole’s life and they both are in a relationship.

Hearing it from Cole itself, the actor denied all the allegations and shut down all the rumours. He said that he is single and alone after his breakup with Lilli and is now spending time with his friends and family and focussing on his carrier.

Reason for their split?

Well, the reason behind the couple calling it quit is still unknown. We are pretty much sure something took place in between them that has forced them towards separation. Only Cole and Lilly know the reason behind it and we respect their privacy.

 In case we get any more news regarding the couple, we will surely inform you about it. And so, it’s a wrap. See you next time reader. Stay tuned and stay safe!


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