Why Christopher Nolan’s movies depend on Mysterious Marketing?

Why Christopher Nolan’s movies depend on Mysterious Marketing

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You are very well aware with the always evolving and moving forward movie businesses. You also know how much important role marketing and promotions play in advertising the movie.

But do you know there are different methods of advertising? Are you aware with the fact that ‘Christopher Nolan’s movies depends upon Mysterious Marketing’?

Well, if you are not aware with these facts then don’t worry because we are here to spill out all such mysterious ways in which Nolan’s movies marketing take place. So, let’s get started.

How is Nolan’s Mysterious Marketing a promotional strategy?

Nolan started his strategic marketing campaigns from the times of ‘The dark Knight trilogy’. Ever since then, he started to promote and sell each and every one of his movies with such great marketing technique.

Well, the reason for such mysterious marketing is because he likes to keep suspense from his audience.

The major part of the movie that builds excitement in the audience for a Christopher Nolan movie is that they are not exactly aware with the movie plot and the exact storyline. The marketing campaign of every Nolan movie holds back the major part of the information about the story and reveals very little of it in its trailer and other promotional areas.

If you compare any movie trailer with Nolan’s movie trailers, you will understand that he doesn’t let the audience get a single basic idea of the movie and by that he keeps his audience hooked till the movie finally release and they go to find out what the movie is all about. Very intelligent of him.

Take examples from Matthew McConaughey, The Matrix or Inception, all of them followed this technique and didn’t reveal a single thing about the movie in their trailers and became an instant hit after their release.

This further indicated that hiding the major part of the story during promotions actually helps in making the audience buy tickets for the movie and ultimately making it a superhit release. We are absolutely impressed with his style of business.

Well, apart from the new Batman movie, there is another Nolan movie that is about to release soon and is called ‘Tenet’. Rumors suggest that this movie will also follow the footsteps of other Nolan movies in its marketing business. Let’s wait and watch how he promotes his movie and weather his mysterious marketing strategy will work for it or not?

The world is full of mysteries and we are always here to solve entertainment related mysteries just for our readers.

On that note, don’t forget to check upon the upcoming Nolan movies and the strategies of marketing followed by Nolan and his team and while we’ll be grabbing latest information for you.

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