The Arrowverse characters have gained fame ever since the show Arrow came into existence. The show’s protagonist Green Arrow is very famous. He is a talented warrior as he took training from a great number of warriors.

The show is so special that even the villains have their own fan base. The most famous among the villains is Deathstroke played by Manu Bennett.

He was superb with many fans calling him the best villain the show had seen across seasons. Why did Manu leave the show then? Here’s the answer.


The talented New Zealand actor was introduced into the show as Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke. The character is an ex-Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) personal.


He ended up on Lian Yu while attempting to save a Chinese commander. Here he became the mentor of Oliver Queen, the protagonist of the show until he was corrupted by the superdrug Mirakuru.

The drug made him believe Oliver had betrayed him. He wanted revenge for the same. Things came down to season 2’s episode “The Return” where it is shown that Oliver fights Deathstroke with help from his sister Thea Queen.

Deathstroke has a hard time fighting them both and this thing didn’t go well with Manu Bennett. According to him, Deathstroke should not have had so difficulty fighting the brother-sister duo as his character had accomplished much during the season as well as during the previous one.

The story writer did not agree with him. This angered Manu and he decided to leave the show.   

It is said that such a great actor will leave the show and the only good thing about this thing is that he will leave us with good memories to cherish for a lifetime.


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