Why we love THE WITCHER: BLOOD ORIGIN PLOT and CAST, what will be the expected RELEASE date of Prequel Series


Hello! Folks everyone’s wait was finally over when NETFLIX officially announced on Monday the Prequel Series of “The Witcher: Blood Origin”. Since the release of the First season, NETFLIX was busy developing more projects to expand which includes, the recently announced prequel series, The Witcher: Blood Origins.

The series is based on Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and the show’s episode was written by Declan de Barra.

The Series is ready to explore the continuing history nearly 1200 years before the events of the ongoing series when the worlds of humans, elves, and monsters clashed making the first Witcher.

Already Interested to know more? Let’s dig into the details!


This series revolved around various events between men, demons, and monsters back and forth and see how the first Witcher came into being, quoting the Netflix words “How the World of Demons, Men and Elves amalgamate into One”. 

In the last Season we saw Geralt of Rivia fight with Kikimora in 1231, he enters the town (Blaviken) where he meets Renfri, the cursed princess who turned into bandit hunted by the Stregobor(wizard), who thinks she is an evil responsible for his birth during an eclipse.

Why we love THE WITCHER: BLOOD ORIGIN PLOT and CAST, what will be the expected RELEASE date of Prequel Series

This Season will be more interesting in terms of the Fantasy world of Witches, Monsters, Elves Humans their Clashes, and Suspense the most. As the initial assumptions based on the NETFLIX announcement, we can say.

That’s the reason why we said that we are in love with this season and you should too!

Same CAST or different?

As the news has just been announced, there is no Clue yet on who will be starring in The Witcher: Blood Origin. However, we know that Lauren Schmidt Hissrich’s creator of The Witcher, Declan de Barra, Jason Brown, and Sean Daniel (Hivemind), Jarek Sawko, and Tomek Baginski (Platige films) will be serving as executive producers of this series.

With the possibility of time travel and the Characters with long lifespans we are assuming that The Witcher: Blood Origin may have unique cast.

Expected Release Date 

Netflix The Witcher series was announced in May of 2017, and began filming in October of 2018 and was released in December of 2019. 

If this Season follows the same time Schedule as Season 1 We can expect The Witcher: Blood Origin to premiere on Netflix in the late 22’s or maybe by the early 23’s. According to Netflix Prequel series will have only 6 episodes, unlike 8 episodes in Season 1 which means production may be faster due to comparatively fewer episodes from Season 1.

Let’s see what more we can add to this in the coming days after things getting clear. The announcement of Season 2 made both Fans and Us more Curious. 

That’s all for today, Stay tuned with us for more Updates till then take care.

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