Will ‘The Mentalist’ S08 Ever Happen? Can any network READ our minds?!


There are very few shows that were miraculously revived by networks. The Mentalist first released on September 23, 2008, and ran until February 18, 2015. In the seven years that The Mentalist ran, it gathered a huge fanbase that has showered the show with support and love up till this point. 

The massive love that the show received that will celebrate its 12 year anniversary next month has once again brought fans together in hopes that either CBS or any other network will revive the show.


Playing the role of the titular mentalist and consultant Patrick Jane is Simon Baker. Following the lead is Robin Tunney who plays the role of CBI Special Agent, Teresa Lisbon.

Xander Berekely plays the role of Thomas McAllister, the sheriff of Napa County and head of the Blake Association, also infamously known as Red John.

Kim Tang plays the role of the CBI Supervisory Special Agent Kimball Cho. Other CBI Special Agents in the who are Wayne Rigsby and Grace Van Pelt played by Owain Yeoman and Amanda Righetti.

Rockmond Dunbar joined the cast members in Season 6 as the FBI Supervisory Special Agent, Dennis Abbott along with Joe Alder who also plays the role of an FBI Special Agent named, Jason Wylie. 

Josie Loren joins the cast in the last season as Michelle Vega. Emily Swallow stars as Kim Fischer in season six. 

Other recurring cast members of the show are Gregory Itzin, Aunjanue Ellis, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Pedro Pascal, Michael Gaston, Michael Rady, among many more.


The Mentalist centres around Patrick Jane, a CBI consultant with an extraordinary success rate for solving cases by using his profound observatory skills, mentalist abilities and ex-celebrity status as a psychic. When Jane’s wife and daughter are murdered by serial killer Red John, Jane begins his search for the serial killer.

Will Season 8 Happen?

Jane’s hunt ends when he kills Red John as FBI steps in and CBI closes. With the very intent of the show being accomplished midway in Season 6, the showrunners decided to neatly wrap up the storylines of the show. 

Hence, Season seven saw fewer episodes after being shortened to 13, as opposed to the usual 20 episodes. Even Baker in an interview said that once the revenge motif is satisfied, there is not much left to Jane’s story. 

With the central character’s journey completing, The Mentalist was wrapped up with Jane marrying Lisbon. The finale turns to a new chapter as Lisbon informs Jane about the newest addition to the family. 

The creator of the show, Bruno Heller in an interview revealed that he’d love to work with the two lead actors again but that depends on “business gods and their choice”.

With not much left to explore after neatly wrapping the show the chances of a revival seem slim. Therefore, keeping everything in mind, it’s clear that The Mentalist will not return with Season 8 anytime soon.

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