Will This Box Office Bomb Curse Season 4 Of Cobra Kai?


The hit television series “Cobra Kai” earned favourable praise when it appeared on YouTube in 2018. As a continuation of the “The Karate Kid” film franchise, which began in 1984 with “The Karate Kid,” the show follows Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and his new crew of young martial artists as they compete in fights on (and off) the mat.

This Karate Kid 3 character will be brought back by Cobra Kai

“The Karate Kid Part III” has received mixed reviews, particularly in compared to its predecessors, and presently has a 13 percent critics score on Rotten Tomatoes. According to Box Office Mojo, the 1989 film grossed $10 million in its first weekend in the United States and a total of $38 million in theatres.

Ralph Macchio, actor of The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai,” recently told Empire Magazine that Season 4 themes might be inspired by “The Karate Kid Part III.” Thomas Ian Griffith, who portrayed Terry Silver in the 1989 film, will be reintroduced in the series.

If Griffith was able to get praise for his portrayal in a critically criticised picture, it’s quite likely that he’ll be able to do so again. Nevertheless, given that Season 4 will feature a character from this controversial series chapter, is it possible that the Netflix series is preparing for the same reaction as the movie it’s centered on, and if so, might this spell trouble for fans and critics alike? “Cobra Kai” Season 4 will launch on Netflix on December 31.

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