Wonder Woman 1984 Has A Connection With Batman V Superman


A scene from Patty Jenkins’ 1984 Wonder Woman movie connects with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (spoilers notice)

In one of the film’s most important moments, the Wonder Woman 1984 soundtrack uses the theme “A Beautiful Lie” from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice instead of its own original theme. Hans Zimmer is undoubtedly one of the most prolific composers in Hollywood, having left his mark on several superhero franchises, including Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Man of Steel, or Batman vs Superman. His last work for the DCEU has been precisely on the Wonder Woman 1984 soundtrack despite the fact that he once said that he would never compose music for superhero movies again. Although she later explained why she has returned for the Patty Jenkins movie.

Gal Gadot returns as Wonder Woman, in the DC Comics sequel, with Pedro Pascal playing the villainous Maxwell Lord, a businessman who uses the wish stone to acquire the object’s powers. Once Lord accumulates enough wishes to bring civilization to the brink of total collapse, Diana does everything she can to stop him. First, she tries to physically prevent him from granting more wishes, but she doesn’t succeed. But use the Lasso of Truth to show the world, and Max, the reality of what they are missing by asking for their wishes.

Using a US government communications satellite, as well as Max’s powers as the wish stone, Diana delivers an emotional speech to the world to convince millions of people to renounce their wishes, and that monologue is accompanied by a very familiar score: “A Beautiful Lie” that Hans Zimmer wrote for Batman V Superman. It originally sounds at the beginning of the Zack Snyder film when a young Bruce Wayne attends his parents’ funeral and is heard again in the famous scene of Martha in the film’s final act when Superman mentions Martha’s name, which makes Batman associate it with his mother’s name.

Many will agree that Hans Zimmer’s score for Batman V Superman is excellent, so it is not surprising that it was used again in Wonder Woman 1984. Typically, it is rare for one movie to use the soundtrack of another, although audiences may frequently hear certain songs, particularly “Adagio in D minor,” in a variety of movies, that is rarely the case with a theme like “A Beautiful Lie”. In this circumstance, it makes sense since both Wonder Woman 1984 and Batman V Superman take place in the same shared universe.

Surprisingly, the song “A Beautiful Lie” not only fits the Wonder Woman 1984 scene but also fits the story appropriately. Basically, “A Beautiful Lie” can be interpreted as someone who is knowing the truth, just like Bruce Wayne knows a truth twice when the song plays in Batman V Superman. And in Wonder Woman 1984, Diana literally reveals the truth about Maxwell Lord, the stone of wishes and the wishes of the entire world, because to the stone, although tempting, it was a beautiful lie.


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