Wonder Woman 1984: How The Iconic Was Introduced (Spoiler)


Patty Jenkins explains how the idea of ​​introducing one of Wonder Woman’s most iconic pieces came about (attention spoilers)

In Wonder Woman 1984, many easter eggs appear from the character’s history in the comics, one of them being Diana’s iconic invisible jet.

The jet has been part of her history since 1942 because Wonder Woman at that time could not fly like Superman, but her adventures forced her to travel great distances without being detected and thus avoid unnecessary conflicts. However, an invisible jet is a difficult thing to represent on the big screen without looking too silly, considering how it was depicted in the comics.

Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins spoke with Collider about how she decided on an idea that would allow them to bring the invisible jet to the big screen:

“That was something I was totally determined on. I remember when I started saying I wanted to do Wonder Woman and someone said to me, “Well, how do we make it great?” And I was like, “Well, first of all, hire someone who already thinks he’s cool, like me.” And number two, none of them are great. Like none of these characters were cool on the page in the 1950s. We make them cool. And then I thought, the invisible jet was the hardest thing to find to cool down because of everything you had seen of her sitting on the seat. I was like, “I’m going to figure this out one of these days, how to make this jet invisible.” “So I just remember that it was a moment where [co-writer] Geoff Johns and I were sitting together and talking about a scene and how they get to Egypt. And suddenly we think, “My God.” We figured out how to do that scene. I was so excited and worked really hard on [it]. It made sense, that if their father hid Themyscira, then they would figure out how to make the wall. And it was a great thing to find out. ”

It seems like a good idea in itself but the way it is developed does not seem the most appropriate, in addition to inventing a new superpower that Diana does not have in the original comics. The history of the invisible jet is more complex than solving it with a phrase like: “Oh, by the way, I’ve been playing with making things invisible, so let’s do it now. ” It seems like a very handy phrase just to get them to have an invisible jet, which, once they figure it out, will never be important again because Wonder Woman later learns to fly on her own; resource incidentally that was not used in any of the Zack Snyder films whose action takes place years after the events of this film.

The first appearance of Wonder Woman’s iconic invisible jet was in Sensation Comics No. 1 of 1942. In Wonder Woman No. 80 of 1956, Diana described how it was Queen Hippolyta who indirectly gave her the plane from the pieces scattered throughout the world. The Queen gave her daughter instructions on how to find the pieces. Once Diana put them together and rebuilt it, the jet was only responsive to the person who built it, meaning no one else could fly it.

However, this is not the first origin story for the jet, in Wonder Woman No. 128 in 1962. Diana explains having followed the advice of the goddess Athena to find a green grotto in the depths of the water where she helps a newt. This leads her to free a Pegasus that she uses to fly into battle against a pterodactyl. However, when passing through a strange cloud, the flying horse magically transforms into a jet.

One of the most recent versions of the invisible jet was in 2004, where, once again, it was technically not an airplane. However, this time it was not a horse, but a Disco Morphing Lansinarian. The disc was actually an alien who was being separated from his “family” and found by the Lansinarians who used it as a tool before gifting it to Wonder Woman to express their appreciation for saving them.

The Morphing Disk went on to be used as Wonder Woman’s new invisible plane, as well as other vehicles. Later Disco felt annoyed with Diana because she was treating him as a tool and not as a living being. Briefly manipulated to attack Wonder Woman, she finally expresses her regret and becomes part of New Themiscira. In the end, the Disc gives her life to save thousands of innocent people, and Wonder Woman is left with the invisible plane, now lifeless.


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