Wonder Woman 1984 Is DC’s Lowest Rated IMDb Movie


Since its premiere, Wonder Woman 1984 divided the waters with different opinions within the public. Some think it’s a great movie and others call it boring.

After so much waiting, Wonder Woman 1984 was finally released simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max. After having received some very favorable first reviews from professionals, it was time for the tape to be seen by the fans. Within the fandom, some people called the movie boring. Now, after its US premiere, the sequel has stolen from Suicide Squad the spot as DC’s worst-rated movie on IMDb.

According to this website, Wonder Woman 1984 has an average score of 5.7 while the film directed by David Ayer was left with a 6. However, the first installment of Wonder Woman is precisely the best-rated film in the entire DCEU with a 7 , 4, followed by The Man of Steel and Shazam! with a 7 and Aquaman showing a 6.9. The list is completed with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with a 6.4; Justice League at 6.3 and Birds of Prey at 6.1, taking into account the public reaction.

At the United States box office it is a success.

And although on IMDb things don’t work out very well for Wonder Woman 1984, on Rotten Tomatoes it improves slightly with an average critical score of 63% and 74% from the public, although also below the respective 93% and 84% of Wonder Woman. The truth is that it is not a disastrous score, but perhaps it was not the reaction that Warner expected from the public.

But even if she is not lucky on the internet portals, Wonder Woman 1984 is having luck at the American box office. According to information from The Hollywood Reporter, the movie starring Gal Gadot made around USD $ 16.7 million only at the national level, that is, in the United States. Which names it, so far, the best opening weekend amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


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