Wonder Woman 1984: Lucy Davis Confirms An Emotional Easter Egg


“who is in the photo?” Various followers wonder in the first moments of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ and the fact is that if you don’t have a fresh first film or you’re a supporter of comics, you can’t fall. After seeing some images of Diana visiting Trevor’s ranch, you too can assume that it was a relative of her eternal love. However, it is none other than the charming character played by Lucy Davis in the first film, Eta Candy.

Steve Trevor’s secretary was the funniest and most fascinating thing about the first part. Unfortunately, the leap of time prevented this great secondary from continuing in the sequel. He has had enough with resurrecting Steve Trevor … However, fans who took note were happy that the film showed that despite Steve’s absence, the man who brought him together, Eta And Diana they maintained a friendship for decades.

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Have you caught the little photo of the elderly Eta who was so nice to say hi with ♥ a photo with all of Diana’s friends and to catch up with everyone for just one day? Also, this photo will now be my online dating profile picture.

Did you see that little picture of old Etta who currently maintains her friendship with Diana? It was wonderful to say hello and catch everyone for a day. Also, this photo will be my new photo of my online dating profile.

In fact, looking at the photo, we can also imagine that they both went to the US together in the 1950s. Without a doubt, a friendship that would give us for a series, or at least the post-credits scene.


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