Wonder Woman 1984: Powers We Are Yet To See In Movies

Gal Gadot’s wonder woman -The story in a Flash.
Gal Gadot’s wonder woman -The story in a Flash.

One of the few blockbusters to be released this year due to the pandemic. Warner Bros takes risks with the premiere, but the first reviews are very positive. On the other hand, it is the third time that we see Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. We’ve already seen what he’s capable of, but there are other abilities that have yet to be explored on the big screen. Here are some of them.

Communicate with animals

In the first installment of Wonder Woman, we saw Gal Gadot’s Diana mastering a large number of languages. And is that Diana can speak practically all the languages of the world. But in the comics, this ability is not reserved exclusively for humans. If not, Wonder Woman can also communicate with animals. An ability granted by Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. This has allowed Diana to communicate with countless animals. Even with dinosaurs!

Resistance to extreme temperatures.

Thanks to The Fire of Truth granted by the goddess Hestia, Wonder Woman is resistant to extreme temperatures. Diana can walk on top of lava or resist space cold. It can even stand up to Superman’s attacks.

Astral projection

In her early adventures, creator William Moulton gave Wonder Woman a great number of metaphysical powers. One of them is astral projection and it has remained in Diana’s repertoire over the years. With this ability, he can project himself to different planes of the dimension. Usually mythological places that you can’t easily access. But if you receive an attack, your physical body will also suffer.


One of the metaphysical powers that Diana has. It joins astral projection as one of the character’s psychic abilities. Telepathy allows Wonder Woman to communicate with other people over great distances or in secret when necessary. In this case, it is not a gift from the gods, but rather that she learned it in her Amazon training in Themyscira.


In addition to astrally projecting wherever she wants, Wonder Woman can also physically teleport. So Diana can go where she needs to and take whomever she wants with her. Currently, this ability can only be unlocked with an artifact in the possession of the god Hermes. So it is reserved for more important missions.


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