Wonder Woman 1984: Steve Trevor’s Return Explained!

Gal Gadot’s wonder woman -The story in a Flash.
Gal Gadot’s wonder woman -The story in a Flash.

Wonder Woman 1984: Explanation of Steve Trevor’s Return.

Steve Trevor returns from the dead in Wonder Woman 1984 But how is it possible? Attention spoilers

Chris Pine miraculously returns as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984, having sacrificed his life at the end of the first movie, but is he really alive again? The first film that told the origins of Wonder Woman takes place mainly during World War I, however the sequel takes us directly to 1984, so Steve, if he survived, will be an old man of approximately 100 years. (From here spoilers).

When it was first learned that Chris Pine would return for Wonder Woman 1984, many fans thought that Steve Trevor’s return could have been related to the possible main villain, Hades the Greek god of the underworld who had resurrected him, but in the end, it has not been.

While working for the Smithsonian in Washington DC, Diana comes across a seemingly ordinary citrine stone that was saved by her during a heist of rare ancient artifacts. On it is a Latin inscription promising to grant a wish to whoever holds the stone, Diana silently asks for Steve Trevor to be returned to her, as he never really got over his death. She doesn’t expect the wish to come true, but it does, as she also has doubts as to whether or not it is a fake, along with Barbara Minerva’s desire to look like Diana, and antagonist Maxwell Lord’s much more dangerous wish to become your own Stone of Wishes.

Diana is overjoyed when her wish is granted and reunites with Steve. However, they eventually discover that the Stone of Dreams was created by a god of lies and deception and that every wish that is asked of him has a price. Steve’s resurrection comes at a cost to Diana, but even beyond that, she didn’t get exactly what she wanted, because he returned in the body of another man.

How does Steve Trevor return in Wonder Woman 1984?

Instead of emerging from a grave or manifesting out of nowhere, Steve returns possessing the body of another man (played by Kristoffer Polaha ). Little is known about this man other than the fact that he is single, works as an engineer of sorts, and likes to make bold fashion decisions. Steve wakes up on the man’s futon in 1984 with no recollection of where he has been since he died, but with a vague feeling that he has been somewhere and that it was a good place. He finds Diana after looking for her in the phone book and then following her to a gala organized by her work, where she convinces him of her identity by repeating her last words “I can save the present, you can save the future, I wish we had more time “and placing his watch on his hand, just as he did before he died. At that moment Diana begins to see the man who looks like Steve, she is so happy to see him again that it is not until after a passionate reunion that she decides to try to find out how a stone could have brought her boyfriend from the dead.

Why Steve Trevor Looks Like Chris Pine…

Chris Pine plays Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984, but in reality, the character doesn’t have that appearance to others. When Diana sees it for the first time, when she looks in the mirror, or when other people look at it, everyone sees the face of Kristoffer Polaha’s character. Her apparent transformation into Steve Trevor is not literal, but rather a representation of what Diana sees from the moment she recognizes the stranger at the gala as her long-lost first love. There is a line explaining this after Steve looks at his host’s body in the mirror and declares that he likes the look of the boy; Diana responds: “It’s great, but I only see you. ”

This is a good way to explain Steve’s return, but it’s also a warning sign that the wishing stone doesn’t exactly deliver on its promises. One avenue that is not really explored much in the film, but will no doubt be pointed out by audiences, is the fact that if Steve decided to stay in his new body, he would effectively be stealing the life of his host. A life Steve has no right to take from him. But before Diana can deal with that problem, she faces a more immediate problem when the price she paid for her wish becomes apparent.

Could Steve Trevor return to Wonder Woman 3?

As much as audiences love Chris Pine, it would probably be too much to bring Steve Trevor back in for a third Wonder Woman movie. Doing so would ruin the ending of Wonder Woman 1984, in which Diana finally accepts that it’s time to let Steve go and open up to friendship and love with other people. She even has a chance encounter with the character of Polaha, the man whose body Steve borrowed, and realizes that he has chosen for himself the same wardrobe that she tried to get Steve to wear earlier in the movie, and the two share a look that conveys the possibility of a new romance.


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