The most special cameo of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’: Have you seen Gal Gadot’s husband and daughters?

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Wonder Woman came to save the world in fiction and the box office in real life. ‘ Wonder Woman 1984 ‘, the sequel directed by Patty Jenkins, landed on the billboard to color the holidays with heroism and hope with a new adventure that brings back Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. In addition, it incorporates two exceptional villains to the cast: Kristen Wiig as Cheetah and Pedro Pascal as Max Lord.

The story of this film places us in the 80s, a time when Diana Prince (Gadot) continues to heal her (emotional) wounds that she has carried since World War I while working in a museum in Washington. There is a mysterious gem that is said to make any wish come true. And that will be the origin of the disastrous events that the protagonist will experience, and that will put the world on the brink of self-destruction.

But before all this happens, in the first scene of the film, Jenkins shows us something important in Themyscira: the golden eagle-shaped armor that once belonged to the legendary warrior Asteria, who stayed behind to fight the armies of men so their sisters could escape. And this will be important when we get to the end.

[From here we discuss spoilers for the end of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’]

At a certain point in the story, Diana mentions that she has tried to find Asteria since she lives on Earth because there are stories that say that she did not die in that historical battle and that she ended up living among humans, but she has never managed to find her. And it’s not until the post-credit scene that we find out the rumors were true: yes, Asteria is still alive and residing on Earth.

But the really surprising thing about the moment has to do with the actress who plays her: it’s Lynda Carter! Indeed, the former Wonder Woman plays Asteria in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, although surely more than one had already realized it long before. When her legend is told, the film offers us a flashback in which we can see the warrior resisting between soldiers, although all that shows us about her is her gaze. And many will not have needed anything else: Carter’s eyes are as precious as they are iconic and highly recognizable.

Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman 1984 Post-Credit Scene

Even so, those who did not recognize the actress so quickly will have been pleasantly surprised at the end. The post-credit scene shows Asteria saving a woman from a lamppost that was going to fall on her. Then he turns around, we see his face (surprise!) And he tells the woman that he has been saving lives out there for a long time. And you are absolutely right, whether you say it as Asteria or as the mythical Wonder Woman from the 1960s series. Carter winks at the camera and leaves, ending, now, ‘Wonder Woman 1984’.

After this nostalgic cameo, one wonders: Is this just a special collaboration or the beginning of a great friendship? Could Asteria be a full-fledged character in the already confirmed ‘Wonder Woman 3’? We will have to wait for more details on the subject, but we would love to see Carter and Gadot saving the world together.


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