Wonder Woman: Warner Bros didn’t want to read Patty Jenkins’ script.


Patty Jenkins reveals that after hiring her as director, Warner Bros executives weren’t interested in her vision of Wonder Woman.

In 2017, Patty Jenkins released Wonder Woman. A great success for Warner Bros with the DC universe and that re-introduced the famous Amazon to the public. Positive reviews and support from the audience led Jenkins to direct the second installment. Wonder Woman 1984 premiered in late 2020 and shortly after its release, the studio confirmed that the director would return to finalize the trilogy. But according to Patty Jenkins, not everything was always so simple with the study.

In a recent interview, Patty Jenkins recounted that her efforts to direct a Wonder Woman movie date back more than 10 years. During 2007, the director was running to direct the film but had several problems with the studio regarding her vision. The clash of visions did not end when Warner Bros hired Jenkins to command Wonder Woman. The director comments in an interview with the WTF podcast that the studio wanted a much darker Diana and that Patty Jenkins chose to stay more faithful to the character.

“They wanted to hire me as a decoy. They wanted me to walk around the set as a woman, but it was their story and their vision. And my ideas? They didn’t even want to read my script. There was a great distrust in the way of doing things and a different point of view. So that definitely happened. Even when I joined the first Wonder Woman movie. It was all a constant “‘Uhh, yeah, ok, but let’s do this differently.’ So he had to answer, ‘Women don’t want to see that. Her being rough and tough and cutting off people’s heads, that’s not it – I’m a Wonder Woman fan. That’s not what we’re looking for. ‘ But I could still feel his nervousness from my point of view. ”

Diana’s comment cutting off heads coincided with the image shared by Zack Snyder in which Diana is seen posing with multiple human heads. A discarded concept from Batman v Superman that caused divided opinions. Meanwhile, Patty Jenkins took his Twitter account to clarify that there is no war with Warner Bros. The director also comments that she was not hired as a decoy in Wonder Woman, if not in other projects. The statement ends by thanking the studio, Zack Snyder, and other producers and crew members for their support.

“The versions of this article seem to be everywhere and it is not true. There was no war with Warner Bros over Wonder Woman. I’m talking about 10 years of conversations with 10 different executives. And what of being a decoy, it was in works with other studies. I feel very supported with my vision of the two films by Warner Bros, Zack Snyder, and other producers and all the people on our team. It just was a long way to go. Let’s relax with the dramatic headlines that talk about the war.


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