Work It 2 Is it happening, details and facts to know about the sequel


Hola peeps! What a pleasure to meet you every time. So, we are here that means you have anther update to catch up with. Right? And we are ready to spill out all the latest news regarding the sequel of ‘work it’. So, keep on reading and get updated with us.

The original movie ‘Work it’ did a good business with audience and got an IMDb of 6.1/10. 

Directed by Laura Terruso and produced by Alicia Keys, The American dance comedy film which was just released on Netflix is now thinking upon having a sequel. 

Continue reading to find out when is it coming out and all the other details regarding it.

Work it 2: Release

If you are a regular Netflix user, the you must be aware with the fact that it takes quiet some time in renewing a project for its sequel. The same is happening with ‘Work it 2’, the move has released in August 2020 and it is too early for Netflix to decide whether it deserves and requires a sequel or not.

That is also why, Netflix has not given any update regarding the sequel of the movie as of yet. Maybe it needs some more time to think upon this project and not making any quick decision. We just need to patiently wait and see how things take place.

Work it 2: Cast

Sabrina Carpenter as Quinn Ackerman, Jordan Fisher as Jake Taylor, Liza Koshy as Jasmine, Keiynan Lonsdale as Isaiah, Drew Ray Tanner as Charlie and all the other lead cast members and also supporting cast members are expected to return in the sequel. Also, you can expect a new bunch of people playing some new roles in the movie but we have to wait to know who they will be and what role each of them will exactly play.

Work it 2: Plot

Although, there are no announcements about the plot of the expected sequel, but we are assuming that since ‘work it’ is an original story and is not inspire from anything or based on any book, the makers can show whatever they wish to with obviously connecting it with its 1st part. And of-course dance and comedy will be there since it is the central theme of the movie along with some romantic moments in between the lead couple.

Here is the official Instagram page for the movie, follow them for some instant and recent updates that are absolutely worth catching. Just click on the link given below.

Also, in case you haven’t yet watched the movie here is another link for you so that out can watch it right now and enjoy your day with some fresh dance moves and a lot of laughter and for that, just click on the link given below.

Just keep on dancing and keep on laughing, dearest reader, until we see you the next time. Don’t go anywhere because we have so much more coming for you from the entertainment industry that you cannot afford to miss.

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