World on Fire Season 2: When Will It Air And What Could Happen In The Future?


Revolving around the lives of common people across the world, “World on Fire” is a British war drama Based on World War II. Commissioned by BBC and Written by Peter Bowker the British television series first aired in 2019 in the UK and then in 2020 in the US. With 7 episodes coming to an end, fans already had the confirmation of Season 2. 

The series was filmed in various locations across the world including Chester, Liverpool, Prague, Lytham st. Annes, Wigan, and Lyme Park. With a total rating of 7.2 on IMDB and 83% on rotten tomatoes, the series was critically acclaimed and received positive reviews By Lucy Magan of The Guardian.

Season 2 and what could happen?

Season 2 is rumored to have been renewed even before Season 1 aired in the US and that’s major because Season one has shown only the year 1939. With the war intensifying and the plot getting even more interesting, considering how the lives of people in different countries are related it’s very likely that the series could even move to Season 3 as well for that matter.

Peter Bower had even mentioned that he knows what happens to the main characters over the next six seasons if they are able to film that long. Well! This could indeed be an indirect hint towards the expected future of series.

World on Fire Season 2: When Will It Air And What Could Happen In The Future?

The second season is most likely to pick up from where the first ends. Kasia played by Zofia Wichlacz and Lois played by Julia Brown are most likely to meet at the beginning of Season 2 and that would be highly interesting to witness. 

If we go by the sources then most likely North Africa is expected to be the field of battle this time. Revealing some further details about Nancy it’s expected that right at the beginning of season 2 she will move out of Berlin.

It will be interesting to get to know more about Lois though. With a new kid in her life and getting over Harry, it’s important that she focuses on herself. But it’s really heart-wrenching when Vernon says “You don’t have to love me; you just have to let me love you”.

Well! With more drama to come, we will have an answer to whether she actually falls in love with him or stays loveless.

With the current pandemic situation worldwide, production has been put to a halt. As soon as it’s safe and healthy to resume the production that cast will gather for the sequel and that’s when we will know when exactly we should expect season 2 to be aired.

We will keep you updated as soon as we have an update on the same.

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