WWE inspired characters, says The Walking Dead star

Source: Digital Spy

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Walking Dead has shown the surprising reason behind the infamous barbed bat of Negan. On Twitter, the actor wrote to the WWE veteran Mick Foley a birthday message, saying that he “can take a move or two” out of Famer’s Hall.

He wished him a happy birthday and said, “Happy damn birthday to the one and only @realmickfoley, a man who not only inflicted pain but took loads of it… and I loved watching. May of borrowed a move or two. Big love to you, sir, best to you and @NoelleFoley, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, big man!” and this was retweeted by Foley later, who said that the Walking Dead character adapted his bat and made it look iconic.

Source: Digital Spy

“Jeffrey, thank you!” was written by Foley. “Many brilliant artists took a move from me – but Negan made it legendary! Thank you for the mainstream of barbed wire!” Meanwhile, this week we had our first glimpse at the last season of The Walking Dead with three pictures.

The pictures tease that a genuine army of the dead can fight with after the series is over. There is also a photograph of Morgan when Negan has a club with a few zombies. Until 22 August, we can’t wait!

The Dead is on AMC in the United States. Meanwhile, UK viewers can catch up on FOX and NOW — and from 2 July onwards on Disney+, and the show will shift to STAR.

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