Yes, Star Wars Has a Hell and it’s terrifying!

Star Wars gives us a variety of enthralling experiences, a lot of lore fragments for fans to dig into. Amongst all of these the spiritual concepts are the most intriguing and vague but still fans seem to connect much more to it.

Can you imagine that there exists the concept of Hell in the Star Wars!

Yes, and it’s called Chaos.

The physical place of hell was used interestingly in a Star War Legends to portray an unpleasant afterlife as shown in a Correllian Mythology. Chaos thus is shown as a place of suffering.

The Concept of Hell in the form of chaos was very nicely interwoven by the Legends where they have shown a conflict between the living and the dead.

Yes, Star Wars Has a Hell and it’s terrifying!
Yes, Star Wars Has a Hell and it’s terrifying!

For the Siths, the place Chaos was not only of any spiritual dissolution but an endless pain of self-inflicted punishment for failures.

It seems the movies have some connection with the themes of the Exorcist only difference is that the effects are dire.

Most of these interesting implications has been cut away with the new era of canon. The  Naboo’s mythology’s idea of canon remained, to a short extent as a pit locked away behind six impervious gates.

The idea of chaos itself is represented by Smith’s self-inflicted hell, this would be seen prominently in the upcoming canon works.

Fans think it to be a concept worth exploring, its shuddery, horrifying implications of souls locked away by their own battered emotions will be worth experiencing the terror.

How do you look at it, a hell in their own cruel making or the other way round?

Tell us in the comments section.

Stay tuned for more.

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