Stranger Things is one of the popular series of streaming giant Netflix. There were a lot of speculations regarding the fourth season of the series and nothing was revealed by the makers. But, recently, Netflix has confirmed that Stranger Things is coming back with its new season and it has also released a trailer for the fourth season.

What more we now?

Stranger Things has been loved by the viewers and the team has worked hard to make it possible. The creative team had stated in the past few years that the show will continue for at least four seasons. 

Shawn Levy has revealed that they have a good story for Season 4 which means Season 4 is definitely happening. He added that the possibility of having more than four seasons of the show is high but it has not been decided yet. 

Show runner Ross Duffer is having a different mindset regarding more seasons as he told that they are thinking to come with the fourth season as the last season of the show. He also stated the reason behind this saying that the story might grow too much for the characters in Hawkins Indiana. 

Rumors about the Stranger Things

Rumors spread faster than reality. It was circulated that Matt and Ross Duffer will leave the show after the third season. But Netflix has answered the rumor saying that it is false by a post on its tweeter account-


You know very well that how famous Stranger Things is and how it was finished in the third season. The cliffhanger left in the ending of the last season will be answered in the upcoming season. Stay tuned with us for more updates and enjoy reading.

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