YouTube to Face a Lawsuit Launched by Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak


YouTube would have to highly likely defend themselves against the legal ambush by none other than Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder, Apple.

As far as we know, YouTube has been condemned to be inappropriately allowed unwanted resources to have forged a million dollars from people as part of a Bitcoin scam wherein people invested anticipating that their money would be doubled, not knowing that it would be an absolute loss for them.

Steve took no time to express his annoyance and indignation in one of the video conference’s held last week on Thursday to clarify the reasons on his decision to legally thrash one of the globally renowned and established internet brands to the state Court of California last week.

The accusation claims to have introduced 17 sufferers of the bitcoin scam out of which 10 of them are not even US residents.

The allegation document comprising of 47 pages revolves around the scheme of using pictures of Wozniak, Bill Gates (co-founder), and Elon Musk (CEO, Tesla) to maneuver people out of the digital currency Bitcoin and were trapped to attract viewers on YouTube videos to share their bitcoins to an unidentified digital address with false promises of ensuring a double of the quantity they have owned, while once the coins are gone, they simply don’t come back.

This highly appears to alike to a most recent Twitter scam which involved hackers to have hacked over 100 famous personalities with former president Barrack Obama, Bill Gates, Musk and Joe Biden (2020 nominee for president, however, Twitter was quick enough to notice the threat and regain control over their website to avoid troublesome situation within a few hours.

While we know Wozniak’s decision is in the welfare of all, he’s demanded of Google and YouTube to forestall videos spreading the scam with his pictures published since May 10th, however, even after his false clip has been brought down, Wozniak and his lawyers, Joseph Gotchett have demanded of Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, to be confronted of not having taken precautionary measures to prevent such scam before he testified before Congress on Monday, July 27th.

Youtube has been alleged to have generated over $15 billion revenue through the ads played during videos streamed last year.

However, in a response to the lawsuit, YouTube has claimed to not be held liable under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act against the Garlinghouse’s lawsuit and highly likely to defend the suit on this ground in the state Court of California.

Well, too early to say what happens next, however, stay tuned with us for more updates.


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