Zac Efron Could Join MCU

The New Juggernaut Is Marvel’s Most Powerful & DISGUSTING Version Yet
The New Juggernaut Is Marvel’s Most Powerful & DISGUSTING Version Yet

After a long time relating actor Zac Efron with Marvel Studios, it seems that they are about to sign an agreement to appear in their films.

Recently the great future plans that Marvel Studios has been shown. One of the films that stands out the most is the reboot of The Fantastic Four and therefore they will soon announce the protagonists. It is now being reported that actor Zac Efron could play Johnny Storm / Human Torch. An intrepid young man who can create fire by wrapping his body in a burning flame and is also capable of flight.

For now, it has only been confirmed that Jon Watts will be the director of The Fantastic Four and it seems a good choice because he has already been in charge of three films from the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe such as Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) and Spider-Man 3 that will arrive at Christmas 2021. Among the actors who sound the most for the film are Zac Efron and Dacre Montgomery from Stranger Things for Johnny Storm and also Emily Blunt and John Krasinski for Sue Storm / Invisible Woman and Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic respectively. While Ben Grimm / The Thing could be played by Stephen Graham (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Irishman).

I could be at the top of Hollywood again.

Actor Zac Efron is not in the prime of his career, but at least he has some exciting projects for the next few years. For example, in the series Killing Zac Efron where the actor will go on adventures to exotic and dangerous places. But also Gold, which is about a man who finds a gold deposit and must figure out how to excavate it. He will also make a remake of Three Men and a Baby (1987) where three single men must learn to take care of a baby. Finally, in his filmography, we meet King of the Jungle which will tell the story of former NASA programmer and software engineer John McAfee, who was financially successful with his antivirus software, but later ran into trouble with the law.

So it would be an interesting twist to the career of Zac Efron to film the Fantastic Four for Marvel Studios.

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