Zack Snyder has no plans to make more DC Comics movies.


Director Zack Snyder is preparing the remake of Justice League, but he probably won’t be making any more DC Comics movies afterward.

In Warner Bros, they are very hopeful that the version of Justice League of Zack Snyder ‘s a real success of the platform HBO Max. Also, there is some information that ensures that they could continue the story and that they could even make a trilogy. But if this happens it may not be with the visionary director behind the scenes.

In a recent interview, Zack Snyder says that he has no plans to make more DC Comics movies, although he would not be opposed to the idea in the future either.

These are his words:

“Look, I never thought I’d be here doing this. I didn’t think I would be ending the Justice League … The truth is, and it’s been widely reported, and I have no problem, this is an old movie. This is a movie from years ago that I am working on. The DC universe has gone and branched out and done its thing and that’s fine. As for what I did and as for my vision of what I wanted to do with these characters and the journey I wanted them to take, it is well known that I planned more movies, five movies or something like that, but I am busy. I have many things to do”. Zack Snyder commented.

Is it great that the fans have so much faith in the trajectory? Yeah, it’s amazing, and I couldn’t be happier and I’m excited for them to watch Justice League so they can really drink all the elixir out of these DC Comics characters. But would it continue? I have no plans to do so. But as I said, I didn’t think I’d be here, so who knows? Zack Snyder concluded.

It seems that everything will depend on the impact that the Justice League has. If the fans really support this version, Zack Snyder may be able to finish his story with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg in the future.


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