Zack Snyder Promises New Trailer For Justice League!

A dose of Avengers with one spoon of Snyder's Justice League - story of a fan edit.
A dose of Avengers with one spoon of Snyder's Justice League - story of a fan edit.

Zack Snyder promises a new great trailer for his Justice League very soon.

The Snyder Justice League, the director’s cut of The Justice League is coming to HBO Max in March and it looks like we’ll have a great new trailer very soon.
Zack Snyder’s Justice League will release a final trailer that, according to director Zack Snyder, will “turn the ad engine to 11” prior to its launch in March 2021 on the HBO Max streaming service.

Zack Snyder is on the final stretch in the likely R-rated Snyder Cut, touted by the Man of Steel filmmaker and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as a four-part, four-hour visual effects show that includes Darkseid (Ray Porter) and a new design by Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds). Snyder confirms that WarnerMedia is “concentrating” on being able to announce the exact date of its release in March:

“Our plan for the next few weeks or months is that we are going to have a difficult date. So it’s going to be exciting and everyone can clear their calendars, whatever they are going to do, buy a bigger TV, get off work, “Snyder said on Beyond the Trailer. “You will have time to prepare because you will probably want to stay with him for a couple of days and not leave the house. And just get down and watch it over and over again (laughs) ”.

Shortly after that, Snyder announced that they will soon release “the final big trailer” which will be like turning the engine over the top at 11 ′ and making everyone lose their minds.

When asked if there could be more Justice League footage after the sneak peek, Snyder said: “I think it’s just the next big [trailer] we’ll have and that will be it. Then there will probably be some TV commercials and stuff. I think a bigger trailer, and then it’s time.

Snyder revealed that his montage is nearing completion with only a couple hundred visual effects shots that need work. The 300 and Watchmen director added that his “visual effects extravaganza” has around 2,800 visual effects shots, surpassing the roughly 2,500 for the Marvel movie Avengers: Endgame.

“ Hats off and congratulations to my entire visual effects team, they do an amazing job working so hard every day on this movie. And it’s a labor of love for all of us, ”Snyder said. “A lot of the guys – DJ [John Desjardin, visual effects supervisor] included – worked on my version of Justice League, and they stayed after I left and now they’re back to finish this. So I think it has been really cathartic for everyone. ”

Zack Snyder’s Justice League premieres on HBO Max in March 2021.


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