Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Joker Arrival Confirmed With Jared Leto!


In Zack Snyder’s version of ‘ Justice League,’ no one will be missing. The DC Comics universe is preparing to receive one of the most anticipated projects of the year: a new montage, with new scenes and in black and white, of the 2017 film, in which Superman ( Henry Cavill ), Batman ( Ben Affleck ), Wonder Woman ( Gal Gadot ), The Flash ( Ezra Miller ), Aquaman ( Jason Momoa ) and Cyborg ( Ray Fisher ). But, in addition to the repeaters, new characters are added to the action. Among them, the Joker of Jared Leto.

Last October, the news broke that Leto would bring the character back to life after debuting in David Ayer’s ‘Suicide Squad’, a film that received as many (or more) bad reviews as his performance. Therefore, his appearance in the ‘Snyder Cut’ can only be seen as a redemption, an opportunity to do justice to his work. Although, as we see (or try to see) in the first promotional image, perhaps his aesthetic is now closer to that of Joaquin Phoenix in the recent ‘Joker’ than to the one we saw in 2016.

We will have to wait for the filmmaker to remove the blurry filters from the photos and show us what Leto has prepared for us. We just hope the actor didn’t send anyone a rat during the film’s reshoots.

‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ will hit HBO on March 18, with a direct streaming premiere that promises to shake up the DC universe. Or, at least, to provoke the controversy again with the criticized version of the film that Josh Wheddon ended when Snyder had to leave the project for personal reasons. Of course, Snyder has not been anything kind to the work of his partner, who brought the material closer to Marvel style and less to that of ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, and this is his time to show that every one These months of tweeting have been worth it. We will see.


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