Zendaya Never Knew She Auditioned For Spider-Man


Zendaya has undergone major changes throughout her career: from a Disney child to an Emmy, the youngest in history, for her murky role as ‘Euphoria’. The actress is also part of the MCU as MJ, Spider-Man’s main love interest. Now, in an interview with GQ, the 24-year-old revealed how Marvel’s style of carrying out her projects had kept her from knowing that she was auditioning to play MJ in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ when read for the role.

“We weren’t supposed to know the script pages we were reading were from ‘Spider-man,’ but I found out it was for Spider-man because I have good agents. But I didn’t know what role I was auditioning for. I just thought ‘a girl in the Spider-man movie. ‘I really didn’t know what character or what kind of character it would be. Right before the camera test, they said it was okay, these are the characters we are reading for, MJ is one of them and I thought “Wow, that would be great!”

While it was previously believed that Zendaya Coleman would play the role of Spider-Man’s most popular love interest Mary Jane Watson, it was finally revealed that her character was Michelle Jones, aka MJ, a new character created especially for the films. Zendaya and Tom Holland showed distinguished chemistry in front of each other in the Spider-Man films.

The actress will reprise MJ in the third Spider-Man movie, which will introduce Spidey to the multiverse. Directed by Jon Watts again, the sequel, which is untitled, stars Jacob BatalonJamie FoxxAlfred Molina, and Benedict Cumberbatch. The film hits theaters on December 17, 2021. Much earlier, specifically on February 5, we can see the actress in the long-awaited ‘Malcolm and Marie’ on Netflix, along with John David Washington. Now at the beginning of the year, he would have to start filming the second season of ‘Euphoria’, for HBO.

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